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Product name
b-koko EOS (O
( --->日本語 )

From now on, Colet is common sense. !?

●The point of b-koko EOS

◯Slight initial introduction expense !
◯Cost reduction (Communication charges, paper cost, and operation cost)
◯Smart phone ・Tablet ・PC・Handy terminal Correspondence
◯It can respond to the order and order received on 24-hour the 365-day.
◯A handy terminal can be used. (In the case of a large order )

●The merit o fb-koko EOS order
◯Easy order
◯24-hour 365 days Order correspondence
◯Order decision information mail
◯One-week part order

●The merit of a b-koko EOS order received
◯More than one correspond deadline time.
◯Management of an ordering situation (ordering hope for seven days) is also easy.
◯Ordering information mail
◯Order sheet setup
◯The existing system taking in is possible.
◯Customize is possible.
◯Low cost